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Date: 10.02.2023

Time: 19:15 - 20:15

Location: Auditoriet

Price: 190/80 (student)

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Should rage be condoned?

If democracy is not enough to stop the destruction of the earth, then civil disobedience – or even violence- is the way to go! 

The world-changing organisation Extinction Rebellion believes that we should revolt and resort to dramatic action. Author Hilde Kvalvaag has herself been a member of this organisation and has participated in such actions. Where are the boundaries for taking extreme action in serving a cause you believe in? Animal rights activist Norun Haugen has been undercover for several years and has uncovered extensive abuse and violations of the regulations for proper animal treatment on farms, as documented in her film Griseindustriens hemmeligheter (Secrets of the pig industry), and in an upcoming book. Can any action whatsoever be condoned when it comes to exposing something that you believe is wrong?

Kvalvaag and Hauge will be in conversation with journalist Hilde Sandvik about how far they are willing to go for a cause they believe in and whether they can find alternative methods of taking extreme action to gain attention for their causes.

Afterwards, there will be time for questions from the audience.

The event will be in Norwegian.

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