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Bergen International Literary Festival

Photo of audience at literary event

Five days of non-fiction and fiction from the whole world 

The annual Bergen International Literary Festival for non-fiction and fiction (LitFestBergen), staged for the first time in 2019, presents international and Norwegian literature. 

By showcasing high-quality non-fiction and fiction from across the globe, this event aims to increase understanding of our world and humanity's place in it. 

LitFestBergen is characterised by literary, linguistic, cultural and geographic diversity. It seeks to be bold and innovative, while being simultaneously accessible to a broad audience. 

Festival participants meet authors from the whole world and from Norway, and acquire insights into literary works which directly address the big and important questions of concern to us all. 
The 2020 event featured authors from 25 nations, 82 programme sessions split 50-50 between Norwegian and other languages, 4 700 audience members, a dedicated youth programme and a children's programme in collaboration with Bergen Public Library. 

LitFestBergen has been nominated as the cultural event of 2020 in Bergen. 

Teresa Grøtan is the festival directorRead more about the administration, the artistic advisory board and the festival board here. 

The next festival will be staged from the 8th to the 12th of February 2023 at the House of Literature in Bergen. 


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