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Join the International Book Club

Enjoy reading literature from all over the world? Want to meet new people who share that interest?

Then join Bergen International Book Club. Participation is free. The only requirement is that you want to read and speak English.

Kari Jegerstedt, literature-lover and associate professor at the University of Bergen, leads the book club. Once a month, she will be selecting a book by one of the international authors due to attend the festival or the program at the Literature House.

The book club normally meet in the Fosse-stova room at Litteraturhuset i Bergen.


January: Time Shelter, roman Georgi Gospodinov
February: Without warning & Only Sometimes, memoar Kit de Waal

March 11:
Morning and evening, Jon Fosse

April 9:
Blue Like Apples, poetry, Rasma Haidri

May 13:
Silent Spring, Rachel Carson

June 10:
I see the invisible, poetry Nnimmo Bassey



9 JanuaryThe Shadow King by Maaza Mengiste, 2019 (novel)

6 FebruaryMusic for the Dead and Resurrected by Valzhyna Mort, 2020 (poetry)

13 MarchAll Rise: Resistance and Rebellion in South Africa by Richard Conyngham, 2022 (graphic novel)

17 AprilMemorial by Alice Oswald, 2011 (poetry) 
8 May: Together – A Manifesto Against the Heartless World by Ece Temelkuran, 2022 (Non fiction)

12 June: Trust by Hernan Diaz, 2022 (novel)

14 August: Kairos by Jenny Erpenbeck, 2022 (novel)

11 September: The Country of Others by Leila Slimani, 2021 (novel)

9 October: Thirukkural – The Book of Desire by Meena Kandasamy

13 November: Winnie & Nelson: Portrait of a Marriage by Jonny Steinberg

11 December: Diaries of War by Nora Krug


Book Club 2022:

9 May, 19.00–20.30: Checkout 19Claire Louise Bennett, 2021
Bennet attended LiFestBergen in February this year where she talked about "Checkout 19".
Available at Boksalongen.

13 June, 19.00–20.30: Minor Detail, Adania Shibli
Shibli attended LiFestBergen in February.
Available at Boksalongen.

8 August, 19.00–20.30: Autobiography of Red. A Novel in Verse. Anne Carson, 1998
Carson will be a guest at De Litterære Festspill in Bergen in May this year.
On its way to Boksalongen

12 September, 19.00–20.30: Autumn. Ali Smith, 2016
Available at Boksalongen
Smith will be a guest at De Litterære Festspill in Bergen in May this year.
10 October, 19.00–20.30: Zuleika Opens Her Eyes. Guzel Jakhina, 2015
Available at Boksalongen
14 November, 19.00–20.30: Fallen Idols. Alex von Tunzelmann (non-fiction)
Available at Boksalongen
12 December, 19.00–20.30: Us. Zaffar Kunial (poetry)
Available at Boksalongen

Joining the book club will allow you to

- meet new people who share your pleasure in literature

- become better acquainted with the works of some of the authors coming to Bergen

- discuss literature with a specialist

- acquire unique political and cultural insights into far-away countries – through their literature.

To ask questions and sign up, send an e-mail to

You can order the relevant books through Boksalongen, Litteraturhuset’s own bookshop, and get a 10 per cent discount. To reserve a book, send an e-mail to

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