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Bergen International Literary Festival

Photo of audience at literary event
Eivind Senneset

Four days, 50-50 non-fiction and fiction, 50-50 international and Norwegian – literature, debate, dance, performance, festivities, good food and drink.

The very best in international and Norwegian literature will be on show at the Bergen International Literary Festival for non-fiction and fiction (LitFestBergen). You’ll be able to discover new non-fiction and fiction from all parts of the world.

Authors who’ve never visited Norway before will be attending. Many of them have still not had their work translated into Norwegian.

You’ll meet well-known literary voices from western Norway, the rest of the country and the wider world, and books where key questions of concern to us all are addressed directly.

We’ll be giving you powerful encounters which will inspire new thinking and yield major new reading experiences. 

Welcome to the literary festival on 11-14 February 2021 at Litteraturhuset i Bergen (the Bergen House of Literature).

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