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A blank page. A dark stage

Festival author and dancer Tishani Doshi on the fearlessness required in both writing and dancing.


Mer, Mer, Mère

"The sea is my life, our life, the mother's breast of all living things", writes author Yann Queffélec.

Living in a Society of Fear

There are so many things you can do wrong. Essay by Heinz Bude, sociologist and author.

Alisa Ganieva and Russian understanding of history

Ideology and propaganda in Russia during the Soviet era looked to the future and the dream of socialism’s ultimate triumph. Today, however, the glorious past has taken over the role of symbolic capital for the powers that be.

The Cartographer and the Rastaman

Where is “arguably the most vigorous and exciting body of poetry in our time” being written? According to Stewart Brown and Mark McWatt, the answer is the Caribbean.

Nationless writing

Read Inger Bråtveits essay about Dubravka Ugrešić.

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