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Date: 09.02.2023

Time: 15:45 - 16:30

Location: Alver

Price: 190/80 (student)

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Ukraine’s neighbours

There is war in the heart of Europe, and the continent is not as it once was. Moldova and Belarus both border the Ukraine. While Belarus is allied with Russia, Moldova sent an appli­cation for admission to the EU at the beginning of the war. Once they were both, along with the Ukraine, part of the Soviet Union.

The Belarusian poet Valzhyna Mort and the Moldovan author Tatiana Țîbuleac both write about their personal and political experiences growing up in the Soviet Union, while they have lived as adults in a new country.  How do they view the situation in their neighbouring country and its possibilities? And how does one talk about war when fear and rage dominate the discussion? Mort and Tibuleac will have a conversation with the researcher at UiB, Martin Paulsen.

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