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Date: 11.02.2023

Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Auditoriet

Price: 190/80 (student)

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World on Saturday: A New World Order?

Many political trends in various countries seem to indicate that democracy is perceived as being problematic, and two thirds of the world’s population today live in authoritarian regimes or failing democracies. These countries are instead turning towards China or countries in the Middle East which hardly have any democratic tradition at all. Russia still plays an essential role despite many countries condemning Russia’s attack on the Ukraine. Going forward, is the best to be hoped for a cold peace?

The journalist and news anchor Mah-Rukh Ali has written many books about political develop­ments in the Middle East. In the book De moderate folkepartienes fall i Europa (The fall of the moderate parties in Europe) the author and historian of ideas Tarjei Skirbekk discusses how optimism turned to pessimism after the Cold War, while the journalist and author Halvor Tjønn published a book in 2020 called Det russiske imperiet (The Russian Empire).

They meet editor and media manager Kjersti Løken Stavrum in conversation about old and new alliances.

The event will be in Norwegian.

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