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Date: 11.02.2023

Time: 17:30 - 18:15

Location: Olav H. Hauge

Price: 190/80 (student)

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Forgotten Chapter

During the second world war, Finland was allied with Germany against the Soviet Union. For a long time, it was claimed that there had been no Nazi prison camps in Finland, and that no Finns had participated in the deportation of Jews. This myth has since been debunked. The remains of 200 such camps have been discovered in Northern Finland.

Petra Rautiainen has used this information as material for her debut novel Et land av snø og aske (Land of snow and ashes), which has been translated into Norwegian by Thomas Brevik Kjørstad. Rautiainen also writes about how the Sámi people were marginalised both during and after the Second World War. She will be in conversation with British historian Iain MacGregor.

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