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Eva Lene Gilje Østensen

Date: 12.02.2023

Time: 14:00 - 14:30

Location: Olav H. Hauge

Price: 100/75 (student)

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Furious lecture: Revenge

Revenge: Reckoning, getting even and retribution. Revenge makes us think about barba­rism, medieval vigilante justice or authorised public executions as entertainment as well as legitimacy. It makes us think about bloody warfare, fatwas, the mafia and drug cartels, but also about parodies, B-films, westerns or director Quentin Tarantino’s exaggerated and parodic meta-meta collages. The nature of revenge is a downward spiral. It does not require closure, on the contrary it perpetuates injustice. In this series, author and musician Pedro Carmona-Alvarez deals with revenge in literature, culture and society.

The event will be in Norwegian.

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