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Date: 11.02.2023

Time: 15:00 - 15:40

Location: Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

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Concert with Martin Hazy

Martin Hazy is perhaps best known from the rap trio Dårlig Vane, (Bad Habits) who kicked in the doors for the NMG gang's third generation with the mega-hit "Gikk I Bakken". With his solo project, Hazy proves that he can stand at least on equal footing, and he excels with his own rap technique, energy and stage presence that others can only dream of. The debut album «Oppkjørt & Nedkjølt (Revved up and Cooled down) » was received with great enthusiasm by both the press and the underground and appeared on the newspaper Bergens Tidende’s list of the ten best albums from Bergen in 2018. They wrote: “The year’s hardest, broadest and most cutting-edge rap albums. Martin Hazy shows why he is one of Norway’s most respected rappers.” It is also demonstrated by his collaborations including Cezinando, Angelo Raira, Store P, Onkel P, Moggger, 612.

At LitFestMini he shares his energy with both the little and big children.

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