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Matias Faldbakken

Dan Petter Neergaard

Matias Faldbakken (b 1973, Denmark) is a Norwegian author and visual artist.

Faldbakken was educated at the Vestland Academy of Art in Bergen (1994-1998) and Staatliche Hoschschule für Bildende Künste in Frankfurt (1996-1997).

He debuted as an author under the pseudonym Abo Rasul in 2001 with The Cocka Hola Company: Skandinavisk misantropi, and then published three further novels under the same pseudonym. In 2017 he released the novel The Hills (2017), which was nominated for the Brage prize. He was awarded the Kritikar prize for Vi er fem (2019).

In Autumn 2022, his seventh novel, Stakkar, was published. His books have been translated into 15 languages.

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