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Date: 12.02.2021

Time: 23:00 - 00:00

Location: Youtube

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

You can watch Literature Live Around the World on YouTube.


Presented by Calabash Festival

When things come together so beautifully that one cannot imagine a world without it, a word adopted by Rastafarians wisdom speakers comes to mind, "fruition”, or better still, "fru-i-shon". Calabash has become, by its existence and its persistence, exactly such a fruition – a project which has come to be the enactment of years of creative struggle, of apprenticeship, of labour and invention. Each of the writers celebrated in this event can speak to their emergence as voices carrying on the legacy of liberation, invention and imagination which has been at the core of the Jamaican character and spirit at its best. It is our delight to welcome you to just a hint of the bounty which is our fruition as a festival and as a nation. Meet Ann Margaret Lim, Opal Palmer Adisa, Diana McCaulay, Earl McKenzie, Millicent A A Graham, Mutabaruka, Erna Brodber and Olive Senior.

LOCAL HOST: Kwame Dawes


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