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Portrett: Janne Møller Hansen

Date: 14.02.2021

Time: 12:00 - 12:45

Location: Youtube

The generation which blazed the trail (digital)

The stricter infection control measures adopted by the Norwegian authorities for the Bergen region from 7-14 February mean that LitFestBergen must cancel all physical events. All ticket purchases for physical events will be refunded. This event will be streamed to YouTube.


With Ut av skyggene, Shazia Majid provides an important supplement to the history of Norwegian women by depicting the first generation of non-European female immigrants. Her mother came to Norway from Pakistan in 1973, two years after her husband. Drawing on this maternal story, supplemented by statistics and research, Majid relates how non-western women have fared in their new homeland. She shows that their fight to secure equality for themselves and their daughters has many parallels with the battles waged by Norwegian women a few years earlier, and looks as far back as Camilla Collett’s struggle to be herself in 1859.

Ut av skyggene was nominated for the Brage prize in 2019.  Majid is interviewed by social scientist Hilde Danielsen, whose works include Husmorhistorier.

This event will be in Norwegian.

The event will be streamed til YouTube.

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