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Date: 12.02.2021

Time: 12:00 - 00:00

Location: Youtube

Literature Live Around the World

You can watch Literature Live Around the World for free on YouTube.

LitFestBergen has invited festivals and literature centres worldwide to create literary programmes on their own stages with their selected authors and other artists. We are live and direct from midday to midnight – non-stop!

All partners show a brief video where they present their town, culture and literature. Bergen and the world are then linked up in the best Eurovision Song Contest style, and presenters Siss Vik and Mona B Riise will have an introductory chat with the host in the relevant city. The literary programme follows for the enjoyment of audiences both locally and in the Bergen House of Literature, as well as for everyone worldwide who wants to follow it, completely free, on their own screens.

Join this literary voyage to every continent.

The route is as follows (UTC +1): 12.00 Bergen, Norway, 13.00 Perth, Australia, 14.00 Kabul, Afghanistan, 15.00 Jaipur, India, 16.00 Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 17.00 Lagos, Nigeria, 18.00 Buenos Aires, Argentina, 19.00 Edinburgh, Scotland, 20.00 Lyon, France 21.00, Berkeley, USA, 22.00 Toronto, Canada, 23.00 Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

In collaboration with Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).


Programme: Bergen, Perth, Kabul, Jaipur, Dubai, Lagos, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, Lyon, Berkeley, Toronto, Treasure Beach

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