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Thomas T. Dahl

Marthe Amanda Vannebo

Thomas T. Dahl (b 1973, Norway) is a musician (guitarist), associate professor and composer.

Dahl studied jazz in Trondheim. At the beginning of the nineties he played in the Norwegian jazz band KRØYT and received the Spelemanns prize for the record Low in 2000. He has also played in the pop band Ephemera and with various musicians including Mats Eilertsen and Erlend Skomsvoll. He was commissioned to compose a piece of music for Norsk Hydro, which was performed at the Nattjazz Festival in 2004. He also produced Highasakite's All that Floats will Rain in 2012.

Dahl has been a teacher and worked at the music conservatories in Agder and Rogaland. Since 2021 he has been an associate professor at the Grieg Academy in Bergen.

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