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Erik Bjerck Hagen


Erik Bjerck Hagen (b 1961, Norway) is a professor of General Literary Studies at the University of Bergen and a literary critic at the newspaper Morgenbladet.

He has produced many books on literature, literary criticism and the history of Norwegian literary studies. His latest books to be published are Livets overskudd. Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons glemte
kvaliteter (Life’s surplus: Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons forgotten qualities) ((2013), Hvordan lese Ibsen? Samtalen om hans dramatikk 1879–2015 (How to read Ibsen? A Conversation about his dramas
1879-2015 (2015) and Norsk litteratur 1830–1875. Romantikk, realisme, modernisme (Norwegian Literature 1830–1875. Romance, Realism and Modernism) (2019).

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