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Date: 12.02.2022

Time: 17:30 - 18:15

Location: Alver

Price: 160/80 (student)

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How can we get closer to nature, and see our place in it? In Kathleen Jamie’s writings, we encounter a sensitivity to the links between nature and culture where she listen to what the natural world and history have to tell us.

She was appointed Scotland’s official Makar (national poet) in 2021. In addition to poetry collections, she has produced three sets of personal essays (Findings in 2005, Sightlines in 2012 and Surfacing in 2019) which explore the links between daily life and nature, past and future. These testimonies take their point of departure just as easily from everyday experiences as from trips to Alaska for archaeological excavations, to Greenland to see the Northern Lights, and to the whale room in Bergen’s natural history museum. 

Kathleen Jamie will be interviewed by Jan. H. Landro. The conversation will be in English.

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