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Date: 05.02.2022

Time: 17:00 - 17:30

Location: Youtube

Gaborone, Botswana

You can watch Literature Live Around the World on YouTube.

Presented by Gaborone Book Festival, Botswana

Join three Batswana contemporary authors as they talk about their literary works across different genres, and what inspires them as they tackle different literary projects. This conversation will be hosted and moderated by Radio Personality, Cathy Malejane. The panel of authors includes the 2021 Nommo Award Winner Tlotlo Tsamaase, the 2020 African Writers Trust Publishing Fellowship Program winner Botho Lejowa and author and singer Tomeletso Sereetsi.

Local host: Cathy Malejane

Tlotlo Tsamaase is a Motswana writer of fiction, poetry, and architectural articles. Her work has appeared in The Best of World SF Volume 1, Futuri uniti d'Africa, Clarkesworld, Terraform, Strange Horizons, Africanfuturism Anthology and other publications. Her novella The Silence of the Wilting Skin is a 2021 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. Her short story Behind Our Irises was shortlisted for the 2021 Nommo Awards.

Botho Lejowa is an author whose second novel Meetings with Death was published in 2021. Her debut fantasy novel Leah: A Seer’s Legend was published in the UK in 2015. She is a fellow of the African Writer’s Trust Publishing Fellowship Programme (2020) and the winner of their 2020 Publishing Fellowship Programme grant. Botho is the founder of Write Me Free, a non-profit organization aimed at mentoring and developing creative writing talent in Southern Africa.

Tomeletso Sereetsi is the author of the book The Solo Four String Guitar of Botswana, a folk guitar instructional manual. Tomeletso is also a composer, guitarist, producer, arranger and singer behind the music at Sereetsi and the Natives ensemblem.

Local host: Cathy Malejane

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