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Jon Larsen

Ann Iren Ødeby

Jon Larsen (b 1959, Norway) is a jazz guitarist, composer, painter and record producer. He has made his mark in recent years not least as a researcher on stardust and micrometeorites.

As a musician, Larsen has played in such venues as Hot Club de Norvège, was behind the establishment of the Django Festival in Oslo, and founded Hot Club Records in 1982. He began exhibiting his own pictures in 1977, and received the City of Oslo Artist’s Prize in 2008. His paintings are reproduced in Maler i solnedgang

Larsen launched his Stardust project in 2009 to develop a method for distinguishing micrometeorites from other particles. He has published a number of books, including Stjernejeger: en spektakulær fortelling om en jazzmusiker, de eldste partiklene i vårt solsystem og en usannsynlig oppdagelse (2018) and In search of stardust, Micrometeorites and other spherules (2016). He is a guest researcher in the University of Oslo’s department of geosciences. 

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