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Adnan Icagic © Universitetsmuseet i Bergen

Date: 11.02.2021

Time: 11:00 - 11:30

Location: Universitetsmuseet

Natural wonders I (cancelled)

Surrounded by wolves, elephants, bears, whales, beetles and flowers in the newly-restored Natural History Museum at Muséplass 1, biology professor Dag O Hessen will talk about the wonders of nature. 

What responsibility do humans, young and old, bear for what is happening to nature and the climate around the world? Is there hope? Hessen believes the answer is yes. But we must not leave the clean-up to later generations. Everyone – not least those studying nature and the climate – must now write and speak up about what is happening. In Verden på vippepunktet, he urges us all to get involved.

This event will be in Norwegian.

In cooperation with Universitetsmuseet.

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