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Forfatterportrett: Pernille Marie Walvik

Date: 10.02.2021

Time: 09:00 - 09:45

Location: Auditoriet

Close curtains. Open life.

Maria Navarro Skaranger attracted much attention when she made her literary debut with Alle utlendinger har lukka gardiner in 2015. Using a distinctive oral style, this book introduces us to teenager Mariana, growing up in a multicultural environment on Oslo’s east side. While she is of Chilean origin, many of her friends are Muslims. Who are the foreigners, who are the Norwegians, and why is her brother in prison? The book was filmed in 2020. What was it like to see her characters before real people, and did Skaranger recognise her own story? The author will be interviewed by pupils. 

Topical book: Alle utlendinger har lukka gardiner  (Oktober, 2015)

This event will be in Norwegian.

The event will be repeated at 10.00 in Olav H. Hauge.

Both events are for invited lower secondary school pupils only (the events will be streamed). 

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