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Baktash Rawesh

Baktash Rawesh (b 1989, Afghanistan) is a poet and writer. He has actively participated in social programmes pursued by Afghan civil society institutions and other human-rights-based organisations. Baktash has a diploma in management and accounting and secured a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Gharjastan University in 2015. Since 2009, he has been working as an editor and writer for many national weekly and daily newspapers. Baktash has working experience as a licence officer with the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) and is currently a media and culture adviser with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. He has training on human rights, women rights, elections, the rule of law and peace talks, and has published many articles based on these topics. He has been a member of PEN Afghanistan since 2005 and has conducted many programmes for young poets and writers.

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