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MiRee Abrahamsen

Date: 08.02.2020

Time: 20:00 - 20:45

Location: Auditoriet

Price: 150

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Shaman encounter in Siberia

Shamanism is an official religion of Tuva in Siberia. Author, globetrotter and martial arts enthusiast MiRee Abrahamsen has visited this republic in the Russian federation to find out what role shamanism plays today. A number of meetings gave her an insight into the religion, throat singing and slaughter techniques. She describes this in her travel book Sjamanen i stjerneregn - en reise til Asias sentrum.

Abrahamsen meets Jan H Landro for a conversation on travelling and writing, on shamanism in Tuva – and on Shaman Durek, who is in a relationship with Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise.

In Norwegian.

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