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MiRee Abrahamsen

MiRee Abrahamsen (b 1973, South Korea) is a Norwegian author and visual artist.

She grew up in Arendal, but studied internationally: as a language and arts student, she lived in Prague, Belarus, Syria, Russia and the Netherlands. Between 2008 and 2016, she was based in China, where she studied at universities in Yunnan, Beijing and Shanghai.

As a novelist, she has been nominated for Sørlandets litteraturpris on three separate occasions. In 2019, she published Sjamanen i stjerneregn - en reise til Asias sentrum, a book that resists classification as either a novel, a piece of travel writing, or a collection of essays.

She has competed in martial arts events at national and international level since 2012, becoming the first Norwegian athlete ever to win a gold medal at the tai ji World Championships.

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