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Gloria Gervitz

Gloria Gervitz (b 1943, Mexico) is a poet descended from Ukrainian Jews and currently based in the USA. She received the Pablo Neruda Prize for Ibero-American Poetry in 2019.

Her work consists principally of a single long poem, Migraciones (Migrations), published across seven books. The first section of the poem, Shajarit, appeared in 1979 and the seventh was published in 2003. A revised and longer version of the poem appeared in 2016, now without any division into sections.

As a whole, Migraciones is regarded as one of the more significant long poems to appear in any language in the past half-century. The most recent version of the poem was published in 2019, and the text is still changing. It has been translated into various languages, including English, German, Swedish, Arabic and Norwegian.

The achievement of a great poetic talent: a complex tribute to the complex world from which it comes.

Jerome Rothenberg on Migrations

These passionate confessions are grounded in a profound knowledge of religious rituals, and a wide range of literary influences springing from a variety of languages.

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