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Date: 15.02.2019

Time: 17:00 - 17:45

Location: Alver

Price: Free

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Will he see the world again? (CHANGED)


Yasemin Çongar unfortunately has to cancel. Journalist in VG Nilas Johnsen, who has recently published the book Erdogan: Tyrkias nye sultan, will be talking to Jørgen Lorentzen about Turkey, Ahmet Altan, and his new book. The conversation will be in Norwegian.

Like everyone in opposition to the Turkish regime, Ahmet Altan always went to bed afraid that the doorbell would ring at dawn.

That happened to him one morning in 2016. Since then, the well-known author and journalist has been serving a life sentence on a trumped-up charge of involvement in the failed coup of 2016. His most recent book, I will never see the world again, written in prison, is now being published in Norwegian translation. Altan, who has personally been invited to the festival, is represented by Yasemin Çongar, his friend and translator into English. She converses with Jørgen Lorentzen, who knows Turkey and is director of the Hedda Foundation.

“They may have the power to imprison me, but no one has the power to keep me in prison. I am a writer.”

In cooperation with PEN Norway and the Norwegian Publishers Association/Samlaget.

In English

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