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Date: 14.02.2019

Time: 20:00 - 20:45

Location: Auditoriet

Price: 100/70,- (stud.)

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The unbearable whiteness of being

Although scientific research has categorically ruled out the existence of different human races, and the superiority of white people, such views still find expression – in literature as well. In her forthcoming book, British science journalist Angela Saini investigates the history of “race science”.

Jamaican author Kei Miller became tired of the way white women perceive black men, and gave expression to his irritation in his essay on The White Women and the Language of Bees. This aroused such strong reactions that he chose to amend it. Saini and Miller meet literary scholar Tonje Vold for a conversation on racism in life and literature.

The conversation will be in English.

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