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Per Anders Todal

Per Anders Todal (b 1968, Norway) is an author and a journalist in Dag og Tid. He published his first non-fiction book, Fanden på flat mark. Historier frå Kviterussland, in 2009.

In Havlandet (2018), Todal took the reader on long journeys – from the trawlers in the winter darkness and storms of the Barents Sea to hunting for brisling sardines with seines in the Sogne Fjord, from the major cod fishery off Røst to a research expedition to the coral reefs on the Møre Banks. The book tells the story of the first mariners who paddled up the Norwegian coast more than 11 000 years ago, of the ocean currents which give Norway mild winters and a unique wealth of fish, and of the climate change and ocean acidification which are now fundamentally altering life in the sea.

Todal has taken media studies at the University of Bergen and the University of California Berkeley.

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