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Marta Breen

Marta Breen (b 1976, Norway) is an author, journalist and former chair of the Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association.

She has written a number of non-fiction books on feminism and women in Norwegian music life, including Piker, vin og sang: 50 år med jenter i norsk rock og pop and Født feminist. Hele Norge baker ikke. Together with Jenny Jordahl and Madeleine Schultz, Breen won the Ministry of Culture’s textbook prize for young people for F-ordet. 155 grunner til å være feminist.

She published Women in battle (Kvinner i kamp: 150 års kamp for frihet, likhet, søsterskap) in 2018. Rights to this non-fiction book for young people have been sold to many countries, including Germany, Japan, Russia and the USA.

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