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Linn Ullmann and Vanessa Springora to LitFestBergen 2022

LitFestBergen 2022 is just around the corner. It will take place 9-13 February, with Literature Live Around the World kicking off already on the 5th. 

We are looking forward to sharing the whole programme with you January 12th. In the meantime, we are delighted to reveal to you the names of two of the authors that will be coming to our festival: Vanessa Springora and Linn Ullmann

Both authors have recently written books that raise questions related to the #MeToo movement and involve stories taking place in Paris, exploring what it is like being a young girl and then looking back at it all decades later. 

Linn Ullmann (born in Oslo in 1966) is a Norwegian author, critic and journalist, and one of the most distinct voices in Scandinavian literature. She quickly established herself as an international author with her debut novel Before you sleep in 1998. Her most recent book Girl,1983 was published in November this year. While her inner and outer world both seem to be falling apart, a woman is diving into old memories, trying her best to understand the girl she was when she was 16. 

Vanessa Springora (born in Paris in 1972) is a French author, director and publisher. Her memoir Consent from 2020 stirred up a crisis of responsibility and awareness in France, resulting in both cultural and juridical re-evaluations. Portraying her relationship with renowned author Gabriel Matzneff, starting when he was 49 and she only 14, Le consentement reveals a time and environment when the unacceptable was part of the norm.

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