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Eskinder Debebe

Date: 14.02.2021

Time: 12:00 - 12:30

Location: Youtube

UN security council and Norwegian pride (digital)

The stricter infection control measures adopted by the Norwegian authorities for the Bergen region from 7-14 February mean that LitFestBergen must cancel all physical events. All ticket purchases for physical events will be refunded. This event will be streamed to YouTube.

After an intense lobbying process, Norway has secured a two-year term for the fifth time on the world’s most powerful decision-making body. When LitFestBergen 2021 gets under way, the country has just found its seat on the UN security council. What will it mean that we have won this place – other than the pleasure of basking in the lustre of power? 

Polarisation between the permanent members – Russia, China, the USA, France and the UK – can make it difficult to pursue the job of securing world peace the council was created to do. What were Norway’s previous terms on the council like for it, and what will be the biggest challenges in 2021–22? Journalist Tove Gravdal, author of Til bords med de mektige, explains. 

This event will be in Norwegian.

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