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Date: 14.02.2021

Time: 20:00 - 00:00

Location: Youtube

I am Dog – film

I am Dog is the final session of the Bergen International Literary Festival 2021. After the session, from 20.00 until midnight, sunday evening, a filmversion will be available on YouTube.

“I am Dog” is a performance in text, pictures, light and sound created by Alwynne Pritchard in collaboration with Domizia Tosatto. The story unfolds through a series of short interactions between a girl called Willa and her friend Dog, who together exist in a world of almost complete isolation. Their exchanges, which are playful, funny, sometimes heroic and often cruel, can be read as a kind of internal monologue – two sides of the same personality – or simply as the antics of two young beings discovering life and the world together. Light design by Baptiste Deyrail.    

“I am Dog” is intended for both adults and children.


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