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Ann-Magrit Austenå

Ann-Magrit Austenå (b 1961, Norway) is today an assistant churchwarden in Oslo.

She worked previously as a journalist, including 10 years as a political reporter in Dagbladet, before serving as deputy president of the Norwegian Union of Journalists in 1999–2003 and as president in 2003–07.

Austenå served in 2010–20 as general secretary of the Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (Noas). Before that, she was assistant general secretary of the Norwegian Red Cross in 2007–10.

She has worked for many years on issues related to freedom of expression, including as a long-serving board member of Norwegian PEN, and published the book Arven etter Sataniske vers – den politiske kampen om ytringsfrihet og religion in the spring of 2011.

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