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Yin Wang

Yin Wang (b Shanghai, 1962) is a Chinese poet, writer, photographer and journalist. He lives and works in Shanghai.

He is a columnist and staff writer with Southern Weekly, one of the most famous newspapers in China, covering culture and arts, writing profiles and interviews. He has published several art books.

Since then, his Selected Poems have appeared in English translation, and three separate collections have been translated into French. In total, his work has been translated into more than 16 languages.

Yin Wang curated the first Shanghai Poetry Arts Festival (2015) and Spring Poetry & Musical Festival at Theatre 1862, Shanghai (2019). 

He has also earned widespread acclaim as an art journalist and photographer. His photos have been exhibited in art galleries around the world, and his poetry program Poetry Comes to the Museum has been running since 2012. Since its inception, 60 poets have participated in its regularly scheduled events. His non-fiction publications include Popped Dream, a collection of essays. 


One of the most influential of Chinese poets.

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