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Thorvald Steen

Thorvald Steen (b 1954, Norway) is a writer known for his internationally read novels, and his work for promoting freedom of speech and human rights.

In his long career Steen has published over 40 books in different genres, who has been translated into 26 languages and published in nearly 50 countries. He was chair of the Norwegian Authors’ Union between 1991 and 1997, and currently sits on the boards of Norwegian Literature Abroad (Norla) and PEN.

Steen’s historical novel Don Carlos, first published in 1993, heralded a major international breakthrough. It was described as one of the five best novels translated into French in 1996, and the Argentinian newspaper Clarin acclaimed Steen as its Best New Writer. His other awards include the Dobloug Prize, the Thomsen Prize, and the Comenius Medal from the University of Bratislava.

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