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Sigbjørn Skåden

Sigbjørn Skåden (b 1976, Norway) is a Sami author and cultural worker.

After founding Márkomeannu, a Sami culture and music festival, he made his literary debut in 2004 with an epic poem entitled Skuovvadeddjiid gonagas (later translated into Norwegian as Skomakernes konge). The poem was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. 

In 2010, he revealed himself as the author of the anonymous blog-novel Ihpil, which originally purported to be the work of a Sami girl in the LGBT community. Ihpil was initially published as a blog, and then as a novel after the supposed death of the blogger.

Skåden’s work continues to be highly innovative. In 2019, he published the novel Fugl, centring on a human colony in outer space. His awards include the Havmann Prize (Havmannprisen) in 2014.

He is currently based in Tromsø, where he continues to work actively as an advocate for Sami culture.

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