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Kaja Schjerven Mollerin

Kaja Schjerven Mollerin (b 1980, Norway) is a critic at Klassekampen, a former editor of Vinduet and a member of the editorial team at Agora.

She received a PhD in general comparative literature from the University of Oslo with a thesis on Susan Sontag. Her published works include Sammen, hver dag. Om fellesskap i litteraturen (2012), Handke-debatten (2015) with Henning Hagerup and, most recently Historien om Mor Godhjerta (2019) about Jan Erik Vold’s iconic poetry collection Mor Godhjertas glade versjon. Ja.

In 2012, Schjerven Mollerin was named Norwegian Critic of the Year and won the Anders Jahre prize for culture.

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