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Jonny Steinberg

Jonny Steinberg (b 1970, South Africa) is a writer and scholar whose work has been influential in charting South Africa’s transition to democracy.

He received the inaugural Windham-Campbell Literature Prize in 2013, and has twice won the Sunday Times Alan Paton Award, South Africa’s premier award for nonfiction.

He has worked as a journalist and a scriptwriter, in addition to serving as a consultant to the South African government on criminal policy. He is currently a Professor of African Studies at the University of Oxford. In 2019, he published One Day in Bethlehem, which explores the true story of a man innocently convicted of murder. When he is released from prison 19 years later he doesn’t recognize society – apartheid has been abolished.

[...] a powerful testament to the resilience of humanity.

The Observer on A Man of Good Hope

Jonny Steinberg allows us to encounter lives that enlarge our empathy and sharpen our understanding of the human condition.

Windham Campbell Prize citation
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