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Erlend O. Nødtvedt

Erlend O. Nødtvedt (b 1984, Norway) is a critically acclaimed poet, known for his playful take on literary tradition.

He made his literary debut with the poetry collection Harudes in 2008 and has since published the Bergens beskrivelse (2011) Trollsuiten (2014) and Slekter (2019) collections. Among the several prizes he has won are the Young Poet Award in 2008, the Bergen Prize in 2011, the Bjørnson scholarship in 2012 and Premio Ostana in 2017.

Nødtvedt published his first novel, Vestlandet, in 2017. This was very well received, and has been described as a “superb ode to western Norway”. He was acclaimed one of Norway’s 10 best authors under the age of 35 by Morgenbladet and the Norwegian Festival of Literature in 2015, and received the Olav H. Hauge scholarship in 2018.

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