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Cecilie Løveid

Cecilie Løveid (b 1951, Norway) is an award-winning author and one of Norway’s most frequently performed playwrights.

She lived in Copenhagen from 1999 to 2011, but is now resident in Bergen. Løveid is widely recognised for the richness of her writing, which encompasses several genres. She made her literary debut with the novel Most in 1972, and has since written fiction, poetry and drama.

Løveid is regarded as one of the great lyric poets in Norwegian literature. Her poetry collection Vandreutstillinger (2017), about art and the life or work of artists won Løveid both the Norwegian Critics’ Prize and the Brage Prize. She has won the Ibsen prize three times as well as a number of other literary awards.

An edition of her collected works from 1968-2000 appeared in 2019.

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