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Antony Dapiran

Antony Dapiran (b 1975, Australia) is a Hong Kong-based lawyer, photographer and author whose book City of Protest: A Recent History of Dissent in Hong Kong has been lauded as one of the most influential texts on contemporary protests in the city state.

He has split his time between Hong Kong and Beijing for more than 20 years, and is a fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese. One of China’s leading corporate finance lawyers, Dapiran has been responsible for advising some of the largest companies in the country. As a writer, meanwhile, his work has appeared in numerous international publications, and he is regarded as a leading authority on China-related issues.

City of Protest was published in 2017 and will be followed in early 2020 by a sequel entitled City on Fire. He has covered the 2019 protests in Hong Kong for media outlets such as the Guardian, the Atlantic, and the New Statesman.

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