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Monica Santos Herberg

Date: 16.02.2019

Time: 15:00 - 15:30

Location: Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

Lillelørdag (Children’s Saturday): Miss Tati gets muddled

Have you ever met a genuine Angolan-Portuguese Bergener? Miss Tati is one.

She is also a muddler, and she is now muddling up not only her own things but also Norwegian children’s songs.

Tati moved to Norway with her mother and sister in 1996, and started at Nygård School. There she learnt not only to say “hi” and “thanks” but also to sing her first Norwegian children’s songs. But things can easily go wrong when you have to speak several languages at once, so it’s ended up with Tati singing Norwegian songs as if they were produced in Angola, and Portuguese children’s songs with Norwegian words.

Things get really muddled when she gets to give a concert for children. And muddling things up is the most enjoyable activity children know.

Free admission

Age: From 3 years old

NB! Venue: Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek (Bergen Public Library), Music department

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