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Mirte Bogaert

Mirte Bogaert (b 1989) is a Belgian dance artist based in Bergen. She graduated from the Oslo School of Contemporary Dance (now the University College of Dance Art) and completed her studies with Research Studios 2017-18 at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios in Brussels.

Bogaert works primarily as a dance artist, both solo and with or for other artists such as Yang Fudong, Juliette Louste, Tyrone Landau (Edvard Grieg Choir), Kristine Nilsen Oma and Mark Rose. With Vincent Stephen, she established the interdisciplinary performing arts company The Fourth Stage in 2016. They premiered All The Wave Was In A Flame in 2017 and Put Out The Light in 2018.

Bogaert works for the Syrian choreographer Mithkal Alzghair in France alongside her own projects. In her latest artistic development work, she has made use of text as a score for dance, sound and the audience’s imagination. 

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