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Carsten Jensen

Carsten Jensen (b 1952, Denmark) is an author and critic, and has published a number of novels, critical essays, articles and travel books.

He reached a wide audience in Scandinavia with the travelogues Jeg har sett verden begynne (I have seen the world begin) and Jeg har hørt et stjerneskudd. Subsequent publications include the novel Den første sten, which follows a group of Danish soldiers during the Afghan war, and (with Anders Sømme Hammer) Krigen som aldri tar slutt reporting on the same conflict.

Jensen has recently published Kældermennesker, a book about the fast-rising populist wave from the Danish People’s Party to Donald Trump and the difficulties of being human. His work has been translated into several languages, including English, French and German.

..a magnificent addition to the canon of seafaring writing..There’s brutality and sin galore: lashings, blood, guts, humiliations, betrayals and horrible death on practically every page. Yet the language is all you could hope for in a sea novel: sinewy and simple, often surprisingly beautiful, often full of tongue-in-cheek laughter.

VANORA BENNETT, THE TIMES - about We, the Drowned
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