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Open call to take part in a world literary event

We are seeking partners for a 12-hour literary programme taking place in Bergen and around the world on Friday 12 February 2021. 

Two moderators will lead the programme from the Bergen Literature House in front of a live audience. A four-camera production team will stream all 12 hours of the programme all over the world. 

Who are we? 

The Bergen International Literary Festival (

Where are we? 

The Bergen Literature House, Norway

What is a partner? 

A literary organiser in another country (eg. A literary festival or literary scene/house)

What is the outcome? 

An incredible, literary collaboration where 12 countries get to showcase their most exciting literature for an audience worldwide. Our partners also get to show their festival/literary scene to an international audience.

What is expected from our partners? 

1. To produce a live literary programme (20-40 minutes) of high quality (content and production) at your own venue, preferably with an audience present, and with a presenter who is fluent in English.

Some content may be pre-recorded (eg. a conversation in the mother tongue to be subtitled to English and included as part of the programme).

2. A short video introducing the city/area/culture where the event takes place (max. 2 minutes). 

3. Biographies and photographs of all authors and other participants on stage.

4. Technical specifications for the literary programme: 

a. To record the event: professional camera equipment and operator (not mobile phones or PC-camera). The local camera production must be sent through a computer that can connect with our studio through the internet. You will receive a link to our studio with a two-way communication, we will not use zoom/ teams or other conference equipment for the broadcast links) 
b. A microphone directly connected to the camera or a sound technician
c. Professional lighting
d. To transfer the event: a stable internet connection. A 4G as an absolute minimum, but preferably a cabled internet line with a minimum capacity of 100 MBs per second. 

What can the partner expect from us?

We as the organiser will set up meetings with all participants to discuss the literary content and go through the technical specifications. If our partners need technical assistance, we will try to offer this. The literary programme is up to each partner to curate, but we will organise meetings where programme, timing, pre-recorded material etc. can be discussed. We will set up a plenary meeting so that all partners may meet and be up to date with the production as a whole. We will also produce a media kit available to all partners to use freely.

How does it work? 

Each hour, a new city/venue is introduced from Bergen. The pre-made introductory video is shown, before the host in Bergen «calls up» the host from our partner, and the literary partner programme is introduced and started. When the partner is done with the literary programme, the audience (in all cities) «travel» back to Bergen. The time gap (10–20 minutes) before a new city is introduced is filled with literature, interviews with the audience, music or other cultural performances. 

Where is it shown? 

The Bergen International Literary Festival will produce the event from Bergen, Norway, and in collaboration with our partners, stream the content (live and pre-recorded). It will be sent from our webpage and all our partners will receive an embedded code to stream the content on their webpage. The full, or parts of, "Literature Live Around the World" may be included in all our partners literary programme as a co-production with the Bergen International Literary Festival.

How do interested partners proceed? 

Interested partners must send us a proposal with some preliminary ideas for a literary production from their venue. Our festival theme for 2021 is «Generations», and we are seeking to find out what characterises the young generation of present. We ask: «What is the most exciting, young literature being created in your city/country, and what does this literature say about your society?» The question can be interpreted through readings, conversations (eg. Between two generations of authors), performance and other cultural expressions, but this should be seen only as a guidance on how to curate the programme. We wish a great variety of literary content from around the world.

How do we select partners?

We would like as big variety as possible of literary and cultural expressions. We would like to have every continent represented. We then look into who offers the best ideas and seem the most exciting partners for us to collaborate with. 

For more information about us: 

Bergen International Literary Festival (LitFestBergen): 

Production, Kulturoperatorene: 


Join this opportunity for literary union and celebration!


Best greetings, 

Teresa Grøtan

Festival Director

+47 922 88 550

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