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Finalistar i vår internasjonale essaykonkurranse



I vår internasjonale essaykonkurranse har vi valt ut 19 bidrag som juryen, vårt internasjonale kunstariske råd, skal vurdere. Du kan lese om forfattarane og essaya deira i teksten under.

Vinnaren og to andre som utmerkar seg vil bli offentleggjort på 10. februar 2021 under Bergen internasjonale litteraturfestival. Vinnaren får 2500 euro, mens to andre får 500 euro kvar. I tillegg blir bidraga trykka og publisert. 

 I juryen sit:

  • Alisa Ganieva (Russland), forfattar og kritikar
  • Sandra Lillebø (Noreg), forfattar og kritikar 
  • Daniel Medin (USA/Frankrike), redaktør og førsteamanuensis ved The American University of Paris
  • Jonny Steinberg (Sør-Afrika/Storbritannia), forfattar og professor ved The University of Oxford
  • Ece Temelkuran (Tyrkia), forfattar og aviskommentator

Under temaet «Min generasjon» inviterte LitFestBergen til internasjonal essaykonkurranse blant unge fødd etter 1990. Etter at fristen gjekk ut 1. oktober hadde festivalen fått inn 550 bidrag frå 90 land. 



Name: Leen Alarbaji Alsayegh
Birthdate: 17 January 1995
Nationality: Syrian
Essay title: The map of us

About the essay:

Our wishes are barging into war’s lethal body like soap balloons … This clingy war has been stalking us like our shadows, trying to bite off our hearts. Yet we are still here somehow. Just listen to my crazy heart beat. Restless will I be, until violence melts in the arms of understanding, until we burn money alive, until love smashes preconceptions, until I witness the triumph of humanity.” 

Name: Halia Baillie
Birthdate: 22 January 2001
Nationality: Scottish
Essay title: Hope, despair and a pregnancy scare

About the essay:

My essay is about what it's like coming of age in a tumultuous time and beginning to feel helpless under the weight of it all. When so much is overwhelmingly bad, it can be hard to motivate yourself to keep fighting forward. Then, on top of this, trying to consider what type of world it would be to raise a child in and how I would face a teen pregnancy.

Name: Dec Cochran (Declan James Cochran)
Birthdate: 9 December 1995
Nationality: English
Essay title: Optics

About the essay:

My essay articulates the experiences of a person of my generation simply navigating their day. We live in an age of information saturation, where the various contradictions, loopholes and paradoxes which occur daily in our interior and exterior lives are simultaneously reinforced and criticised. All opinions are on display at once, it is impossible to have an emotional experience which does not call back to an arbitrary moment in pop culture, and politics is a toxic vat we are all drowning in. The disorientation and cognitive dissonance which arise from these ruptures are articulated in my essay through a self-referential stream-of-consciousness style which seeks to recall the ever-familiar feeling of logging into Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Tinder and letting the algorithm drag you where it wishes.

Name: Marie McMullin
Birthdate: 15 February 1996
Nationality: Swiss and British
Essay title: When all looks bleak, keep going, for what else is there – the generation of dogged persistence

About the essay:

I have tried to find the words to express what I believe is the weariness tempered by determination inherent in my generation’s world view. I do not claim to be a mouthpiece for everyone my age – we are too diverse for that to be the case – but I do hope my personal perspective speaks to others.

Name: Enzo Kohara Franca
Birthdate: 29 October 1990
Nationality: Brazilian
Essay title: We contain multitudes

About the essay:

This essay explores the paradoxes which define us: our duty to protect individual rights while coming together as a group and our need to balance sustainability with development. It recognises that we live in a radically uncertain world while arguing that our generation is ready to tackle the challenges which face us.

Name: Fatma Hassan
Birthdate: 8 January 2001
Nationality: Sudanese
Essay title: It isn’t raining anymore

About the essay:

This is an essay about nostalgia, water, the strange sensation which comes with the self-awareness of growing up, and the horrifying apathy of humans. It's about realising that nothing limits us except each other. It's about me realising that nature cannot be evil, but that I sometimes wish it were.

Name: Keri Hui
Birthdate: 8 September 1992
Nationality: Hong Kong SAR
Essay title: Visible rage and the invisible race

About the essay:

Our generation is sensitive about power and the power of power — we cry out for justice both on the street and on social media. But with the public sphere itself acting as a stage for the discourse of power — for it is a place for visibility, and visibility enables the assertion of power with a virtuous look — visible rage becomes the virtue today. Yet rage can easily turn even the one who recognises the injustice surrounding them into an agent who misuses power. How then can we keep the invisible race for change running?

Name: Eric Jooyoung Kim
Birthdate: 14 December 2001
Nationality: Dual citizen (Korean, American)
Essay title: The voice of the youth

About the essay:

My essay describes the sustainable principles of diversity and morality which my generation strives to pursue. I believe that my generation has latent power as a group of people filled with ambition and passion for change. The world, currently plagued with a global pandemic, economic turbulence and political division, must listen to the cogent voice of the youth in order to institute stability, growth, and societal inclusion.

Name: Elijah Koome
Birthdate: 25 April 1994
Nationality: Kenyan
Essay title: Generation M

About the essay:

I come from a rural part of Kenya where the opportunities for work and study are extremely limited, and where most young people have little to occupy their time with. I wrote this essay with the intention of capturing the malaise which afflicts people of my generation in this place I call home. I reflect on our vulnerability in the face of the corrupt, powerful and older elite which has run the country for as long as it has existed.

Name: Julia Martincic
Birthdate: 27 August 1995
Nationality: Norwegian
Essay title: Skin

About the essay:

"Skin" is about being a part of the precariat, and about how work often becomes the most important part of one’s identity. It’s also about what Karl Marx, Kim Kardashian and myself have in common: skin diseases.

Name: Elisaveta Miron
Birthdate: 8 October 2001
Nationality: Moldovan
Essay title: Hanging midway

About the essay:

A generation with great aspirations and desires. A generation whose fate will be seen very soon. A generation which will try to make the world a better place. It is my generation – Generation Z, which is hanging midway but will soar someday. 

Name: Sarvnaz Ale Mohammad
Birthdate: 24 April 2004
Nationality: Iranian-Canadian
Essay title: My generation: hopes, dreams and fears

About the essay:

My essay attempts to make a cohesive case for a generation typically criticised as lazy and selfish in order to create a narrative of their worst and best traits. Through a careful characterisation of the world, it makes the case that the troubles of my generation are typically misunderstood, our fears  ignored and our efforts overlooked – resulting in a group of angry but resolute teenagers and young adults who are determined to make their voice heard. Ultimately, my essay argues that this is a generation which fights for radical change; for a revolution, not of violence, but of love and acceptance. 

Name: Abhinita Mohanty
Birthdate: 15 June 1990
Nationality: Indian
Essay title: My generation: problems and perspectives

About the essay:

The essay is about my generation and its complicated reaction to the sociopolitical issues around it. Just like India, my generation is caught between two worlds and its contradictions. That is reflected in our diversities and eccentricities of caste and class. We are anything but homogenous. Despite our lack of awareness and our relentless struggle, we are negotiating with parochial tendencies at every stage and trying to live life on our own terms. 

Name: Nikolaj Ramsdal Nielsen
Birthdate: 28 January 1995
Nationality: Danish
Essay title: The terrifying largeness of being

About the essay:

Mine is the generation of anxiety, of underachievement, of abjection. Mine is the generation which escapes through frivolous consumption, soft and hard drugs, a surrender to a grim future or none at all. But mine is also the generation of collective action against atrocities, of fighting through anxiety because we cannot afford not to try. Mine is a generation of adversity and its attempted transcendence, of finding identity and commonality precisely in what is denied us.

Name: Marie Hjørnet Nielsen
Birthdate: 10 March 1992
Nationality: Danish
Essay title: Letter to my unborn child

About the essay:

This essay is a letter to my unborn child, about how the presence of this new being intensifies the worries for the future which come from living in uncertain times. But it’s also about feeling stronger than ever before, the untiring work of the body in creating a human being, the feeling of survival in every single cell, the body’s will to live and create life.

Name: Malumi Adeboye Oluwafemi
Birthdate: 26 May 2002
Nationality: Nigerian
Essay title: My generation

About the essay:

My essay touches on the experiences and realities of youths in my environment. The experiences related are all true. Some are personal, some happened to others.

Name: Ugochukwu Reginald Okeke
Birthdate: 16 September 1997
Nationality: Nigerian
Essay title: My generation: the myth of the next billionaire

About the essay:

I wrote this essay with the aim of inspiring a drastic rethinking of global capitalism amongst my peers. And also to dissuade others from joining the harmful rat race it imposes on us. I hope I succeeded.

Name: Daniel Sujay R
Birthdate: 6 June 1999
Nationality: Indian
Essay title: Fire and water

About the essay:

This essay is the result of deep introspection about my life and observation of the world around me. It is reflective of the way my generation feels – overwhelmed, but not done fighting.  Martin Scorsese once said, ‘The most personal is the most creative’, and in line with that thought, I have drawn insights from my experiences in the creation of this piece. I hope this serves to remind everyone that, though the prospect of a better world seems bleak, the battle still isn't lost and we have to keep pushing forward.

Name: Tyrone Nkululeko Takawira
Birthdate: 24 June 1998
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Essay title: Pieces

About the essay:

The essay seeks to bring to attention the reality that my generation is not one-dimensional. It is a multitude of culture, activism, art, music, technology and so forth. When these pieces are combined, they form a complete puzzle. A puzzle which expresses our humanity.

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