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Did you miss out on something at this year's festival?

The first podcasts from LitFestBergen 2020 are published.

Look up LittPod in your podcast app, or go to:


New episodes will be published every Monday.


9 March: South Africa

Everyday life after the violence (EN)

A difficult reconciliation (EN)

Seminar - South African literature and literary criticism (EN)

The meaning of Mandela (EN)

Murder in Bethlehem (EN)

16 March: Literary criticism, art, and artist life

Man, woman and art (EN)

Classic literature lecture - ”She gather me, the pieces I am” (NO)

Ask the author! (NO)

The accidental dancer (EN)

Critical Quartett - festival-special (EN)

23 March: Poetry

Mountain and sea. Poetry from Shanghai and Bergen (Norwegian/Chinese)

Poetic punk gala (English and other languages)

Poetic activisme (EN)

Blood, sweat and writing (EN)

30 March: Hong Kong

What's happening in Hong Kong? (EN)

Law and liberty in Hong Kong and Kina (EN)

6 April: Everyday life in conflict areas

Occupied life (EN)

Death, every day (EN)

Dreams from the war (EN)

Everyday in a state of emergency (EN)

Racism in the USA then and now (EN)

14 April: Listening Post - literature from around the world

Listening Post - Arabic literature (EN)

Listening Post - French literature (French and English)

Listening Post - English literature from the whole world (EN)

20 April: Lectures of the day

Lectures of the day - People on parade (NO)

Lectures of the day - Common sense and contempt (NO)

Lectures of the day - Literary voyage of discovery (NO)

Lectures of the day - Eilert Sundt and ordinary life in Norway (NO)

Lectures of the day - Life with the animals (EN)

Lectures of the day - Germany after Merkel (NO)

Lectures of the day - Terrorism's victims (NO)

27 April: Language, writing, literature

Coming home to your language (NO)

How to translate the commonplace? (NO)

A language of his own (English and French)

Mary Ruefle - A head for poetry (EN)

River and life (EN)

Life is everywhere (EN)

Government-certified memories (EN)

4 May: Norwegian prose

What happened to mother? (NO)

Light and dark (NO)

Substance abuse and religion (NO)

Confusion about art and class (NO)

Shaman encounter in Siberia (NO)

The short story as an everyday genre (NO)

Who owns nature? (NO)

The world on Saturday - Europe, what now? (NO)


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