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Extended youth programme

Photo: Eivind Senneset

LitFestBergen has cooperated successfully over the past two years with lower secondary schools in Bergen, and this youth programme will be extended in 2021. While we staged six sessions over two days in 2020, our plans for the coming festival cover about 30 of these for both lower and upper secondary schools.

Reading performance

The international Pisa test in 2019, which rated reading skills among 15-year-old school pupils from all over the world, found that 26 per cent of boys and 12 per cent of girls in Norway had scores at the lowest performance level. More than 50 per cent of Norwegian participants reported that they never read in their spare time.

Our youth programme will introduce pupils to Norwegian and international authors concerned with current affairs which are relevant to the lives of these young people.

Three topics

The youth programme will cover three topics:

  • racism and identity
  • nature and climate
  • freedom of speech and polarisation


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