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Read up for LitFestBergen 2020

Portrait of Kari Jegerstedt

Preparations are now under way for LitFestBergen 2020, and we have already received confirmation that Indian author Tishani Doshi (born 1975) will be among the participants. She is an author, journalist and dancer, whose works include the poetry collection Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods. 

That book will also be on the menu when Kari Jegerstedt kicks off this autumn’s English-language reading circle on 29 August. She emphasises that the circle is suitable for absolutely everyone interested in keeping up with some of the finest international contemporary literature.

“The very best aspect is that all the authors we’re going to be reading will be at LitFestBergen,” Jegerstedt observes. “It gives an extra kick to visit a festival where you’re already familiar with the authors and can follow up the good discussions we’ve had in the reading circle. Since we’ll be switching between fiction and non-fiction, you’ll have the opportunity to get to grips with a number of different subjects and genres.”

Asked whether participants have to be good at English or need other qualifications, Jegerstedt says they naturally need to be able to read the language and to follow conversations in it.

“But the circle attracts people with different linguistic backgrounds, and there’s absolutely no need to speak English fluently,” she adds reassuringly. A lot of us don’t, but we still understand each other and can help out when something’s hard to grasp. All you really need is to enjoy books and like discussing your own reading experiences with others.” 

Asked what happens at the meetings, Jegerstedt explains that she gives a brief introduction to that day’s author and book before inviting participants to start the discussion.

“We cover everything from the book’s subject and form, quality and relevance, to our own highly personal experiences of the meeting with this precise work. People often read out sections they think are particularly good and interesting, and then discuss on that basis. And we generally compare the various books we’ve read. That very often opens completely new perspectives and angles of approach. There are more than enough aspects to address, and the time usually flies by far too quickly. And people eventually get to know each other fairly well, of course, with conversations continuing after the reading circle meetings are over.”

Sign up for the reading circle – completely free of charge – by sending a mail to:

The books to be covered by the reading circle are for sale at the Boksalongen bookshop, with a 10 per cent discount for participants. Send an e-mail to if you want the shop to reserve a copy for you.

NB! All participants in the reading circle will be admitted free of charge to the conversation between A Igoni Barrett and festival director Teresa Grøtan at 18.00 on 29 August. Notify on if you wish to be put on the guest list.


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